Various trauma include trauma to spine and brain. Trauma surgery are done in golden hour. They include traumatic spine injury, brain construction and various skull fractures.


Trauma Surgery

Trauma surgery is the specialization in surgery that focuses on the treatment and care of injuries, often life-threatening, that are caused by impact forces. The causes of impact forces are many, but some of the more common ones include traffic accidents, falls, sports and crush injuries, as well as gunshot or stabbing wounds.


Brain Tumor Surgery

When brain cells grow abnormally or out of control, a tumor (a mass of cells) can form. If the tumor puts pressure on certain areas of the brain, it can affect how the body functions.

When discovered early enough, brain tumors are usually treatable. Many that are slow-growing are cured with surgery alone.

Brain tumor symptoms vary depending on a patient’s age and the location of the tumor, but may include:


Spinal Surgery

Spinal surgery are done for various conditions like fracture due to trauma, accident, osteoporosis and infection like tuberculosis.

        Various fusion procedures, Laminectomy & vertebral body reconstruction are different surgeries done according to the disease.



Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery uses tiny cuts in the skin or no cuts at all rather than the large cuts often needed in traditional surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery is done for fixing vertebra using endoscope procedure.

There are many kinds of minimally invasive surgery. Each involves the surgeon using an endoscope.

Minimally invasive surgery offers patients several benefits such as

Microvascular surgery in aneurysm involved placing a clip at the stalk of aneurysm.

The surgeon has done fellowship in over 30 micro vascular aneurysm clips of important blood vessels like ACOM, MCA and ICA.


Microvascular Surgery

In brain is used to treat aneurysm of blood vessels. Aneurysm are swelling of blood vessel of brain which when rupture cause intracerebral bleed.